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Is My Case a Frivolous Lawsuit?

You’ve been told for years that insurance rates increase because of the frivolous lawsuits filed by others. The last thing you want to do is file a case that others might see as worthless. Could you have done something differently to avoid the accident? Is all of this somehow your fault? … And then you remember that you were rear-ended by a driver playing with their phone.

If you ask the average individual what a frivolous lawsuit is, they’ll say, “the other guy’s case, but not mine.” That’s not how it works.

This collision is not your fault. The insurance company’s first strategy is to make you doubt and blame yourself, as you stumble through the details on a recorded phone line. Their next strategy is to try to run down the cost of your care. You could easily ruin a good personal injury case without the help of an attorney to guide you this process.

The insurance company myth about frivolous lawsuits and their alleged connection to rising insurance rates has been repeatedly shown to be a false claim through factual investigation. Learn more here.