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They’ll tell you they didn’t even see you.

You have probably come to this site because you have been injured, or someone who you care for has been injured. Often, the injury was caused by the complete carelessness of another person who placed their interests above the safety and well-being of others. The at-fault driver may even say something like, “Oh, I didn’t even see you!”

You hoped the insurance company would just take care of your bills and provide a fair settlement, but they have not done so. In fact, they have insulted you by recording your responses, suggesting that you are maximizing your pain, questioning your integrity, and placing a minimum value on the hardships you have had to bear since the person they insured caused you pain.

At the same time, you are receiving bills from medical treatment providers, and your own insurance company is saying that they won’t cover the bills. You may have had to come out of pocket to cover the bills. People tell you that you should sue, but the entire process seems overwhelming. The insurance company doesn’t want to see you – it doesn’t want to pay a fair amount for your injury.

So what options does that leave you? You cannot settle if they are pushing you to accept less than you deserve. The only remaining option is to hire Memphis trial attorney J. Jeffrey Lee and Sue For Your Pain.